Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Heart Post on Saturday!

I think the Hearts for Hannah fundraiser is off to a great start! My next post will be on Saturday since I've been busy and work and tired once I get home. But don't worry, tomorrow night I plan on make a number of hearts just for you :)

Since I've had a lot of question of how to purchase these wonderful hearts, I'm going to remind everyone again.
1. Check my blog frequently. I post available hearts every few days. I make what I'm inspired to create and take into consideration what seems to be popular.
2. Leave a comment here on my blog indicating which heart or two that you want. You can also email me your choice at Who ever gets to me first, gets the heart.
3. If your local, we can arrange a time for you to come and pick up the heart. If your out of state, please send an additional 5.00 with your check to cover shipping.
4. ALL proceeds are donated to Joining Hearts and Hands in memory of Hannah. JH&H will receive their check the first week of July.

Its that simple! I certainly hope to be sending one or 10 to you!

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