Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beautiful Things

This is typically a Friday post but finding Beautiful Things in our life is really an always thing. Each day really is a gift. Sometimes things within our day can be challenging but rather than focus on the negative, see what happens when you begin to draw out the positive. Here are my 3 beautiful things for today
:: Morning walk. Its the time of day that is most quiet. The sunrise, birds chirping and just the quiet is such a wonderful thing.
:: House cleaning. Really I hate to waste time cleaning but once you get into it, cleaning is rather Zen. Total focus on cleaning the surface, smelling the scent of whatever materials your using and then the neat, uncluttered result. I've got a ways to go but boy its starting to clean up nice here!
:: Aromatherapy. Scent really is a source of memory for me. Pleasing scents are also very relaxing. Today I made house cleaning products with essential oils along with body wash and hand cleaner.
:: Spending time with my beloved dog, Winston. Winny, as we call him, is 98 in dog years and is definitely showing his age. He has a hard time with his back legs and sleeps a lot. He likes nothing better than to just be with me in the same room or just lay on my foot as I clean. I know his days are numbered and I am happy to spend as much time as I can with him doing what he loves....sunshine, naps and treats.

Enjoy your day Namaste!

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