Saturday, May 4, 2013

Solitude- Day#4

Outside of work, I've spent plenty of time alone. Peter, my husband, is working on his doctorate which means lots of study/writing time for him and lots of alone time at home for me. One would think that all this time at home might mean an impeccably kept house....but you would be wrong. I've taken advantage of this time to take classes and explore other creative interests.

 Recently I took a two day workshop with bead Diva, Heather Trimlett. It was a great experience! Sometimes you take a class to learn one thing but leave having learned something entirely different.....Her style is simple, clean and precise. What I REALLY learned (besides what was being taught) is to slow down.

Slowing down is not in my genetic make up nor is it what you necessarily need to do to prep for a show. That was my thinking anyways. This show season I am going to slow down and focus on presenting my best....not get hung up on quantity.

Interesting fact: Did you know that a number of bead/ jewelry makers hire others to make their beads? Now don't get crazy......I didn't say everyone or imply that anyone local is doing this......however, I discovered this fact (?) while doing a show.......I would get down on myself as to why my booth wasn't loaded with things (I mean I do have a regular full time job and all) and another vender clued me into this. I have no real idea if this is completely true but interesting to ponder....

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