Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 1~ Falling in Love Again

Yeap. Today is May 1st and I'm ready to begin my 30 day adventure into falling in love with blogging again. I just returned from work and am sitting down typing out my thoughts as they come. Stream of consciousness kinda.....edited down of course since I do jump topics frequently without any warning. As you've probably guessed, I did not plan ahead on this. What fun would that be.......

One thing I do every day is start with a 4 mile walk. Yes, every day rain or shine. Coffee in hand I'm out the door by 5:00am.

Most mornings I stop at this spot to take a picture of the sunrise. I started doing this in the fall so I have a nice series showing the change of season and the changing in lighting.

This morning I added another shot.....the water tower. I loved the way it was silhouetted against the rising sun and clouds.

I try to do something creative to begin my is typically it. It makes me feel good and ready to tackle my day ahead.

Its a beautiful evening and I'm suppose to be going to my asian brush painting class but I'm being bad......I've decided to skip it and enjoy the sunshine instead! A little sun and then a little studio time!

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