Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Earring Party Fun & The Art of Running in the Rain

Last night was the earring party and I had 8 women here creating their hearts out. My camera battery pooped out so I only got one picture to show :( We were inside since the weather man threatened rain. I would have rather been outside in the garden area but oh, well. We all had a good time and things didn't wrap up here until 9:30 or so. Good luck Connie on your knee surgery :)

The Art of Running In the Rain. I finished this book last week and just thought it was fantastic! I picked it up at Starbucks and thought it would be interesting to read a book from a dogs point of view....a good read, I definitly recommend it.

After reading that book or while reading it, I thought about how people are to one another. The people in the book were examples of how power, money and other misdirected emotions can be used as weapons to hurt others. But, the story has a good message...perseverance......eventually the "good" wins out.

Check that book out. Book club is here Sunday and thats going to be my recommendation.....I think anyways. There is another good book I'd like to suggest too.

Time to go...have a great day!

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