Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride...

I certainly feel like I've been on some sort of wild ride these past few weeks. That has been the reason for my lack of posting here. I just didn't have time or interest. Sad but true. I don't feel like getting into the reasons at this time, just know that they have been there but I'm determined to shake it off starting NOW!

Okay, now onto the Corn Hill Arts Festival. What a strange weekend it was. I certainly can not complain, I did well but the fact remains that the crowds were down considerably and the weather stunk! 92-93 degrees on Saturday (hot, sticky and stinky) and Sunday was rain for much of the day. It did clear around 3:30-4:00ish....right before the show closed down at 5:00. I really don't think that the weather was the reason for low attendance (even the show promoters agreed that attendance was way down) I really feel its the shaky economy. No Biggie. I don't spend to much time worrying or complaining about this point. You must take it all in stride.

Corn Hill highlights: My sweet friends Kathy and Susan gave me a hand and made my booth at Corn Hill filled with silliness & laughter. Kathy helped out on Saturday.......she arrived at 9:30 sweaty and worn out from trying to find my booth....I wanted to laugh but knew it just wasn't the right time. Kathy, like many of us, doesn't do well in the heat so I plunked her in front of the fan until she dried out :) She does a great job helping friendly and helpful. Kathy also helps me at Clothesline....look for her smiling face in September :)

Susan helped out on Sunday even though the weather kept the crowds away. What a laugh riot she is. She is so up beat, positive and easy to be with that she made everyone who visited at ease. Her 11 year old son, Max, came by at the end of the show and helped pack up things. Watch for him someday soon. He's a terrific jewelry designer already!!

I know....No Pictures! Tomorrow okay. I just didn't feel like downloading them. How lazy am I?

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