Monday, July 28, 2008

The Next Book Club Read Is.....

I couldn't decide which book to pick. It was either going to be The Art of Racing in the Rain or this one. I made the choice right at the last possible second....I think I did good. Really, I think either one would have been good. So, if your interested, read along with us! I'll talk about the book here at the END of September so you have plenty of time. I'll get some of the book worms to post thoughts here at that time too!

On to bead talk. I've got some things in process so I think today will be dedicated to that. I have some orders to get at but I might hold off making beads until later today. I want to get a nice long bike ride in before the rain hits us....I have bad luck with getting caught in the rain lately so I'm sure it will pour once I'm halfway into my trek.

Enjoy your day....and be nice to someone today...I should say, EXTRA nice....I know your already nice :)

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