Thursday, July 24, 2008

Earring Update

You might not know this but earrings are my least favorite thing to make. I love earrings but there just isn't much to them. But, once I get started on them.....I go with it. The inspiration for my new Mismatch line of earrings came from a shopping trip. I had to purchase 2 baby shower gifts when I came across baby items, such as socks and I can't remember what else, that were all mismatched! I then noted how my favorite socks....can't remember that company right now either, they too are mismatched.

So, I thought, Why Not?! I now have mismatched earrings. They are also a great way to use "left over" beads from projects!

What do YOU think of them?


Amy N. said...

Most of my fun earrings, as opposed to my conservative day-job earrings, are mismatched. I've gone so far as to buy two pair and mix-and-match with my mother.

I love 'em!

Linda said...

Thank you for posting that comment!! I worry that there aren't people out there that would in favor of "mismatched" things. I'm glad to know that you've been at this trend already:)

Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Love them! It keeps people on their toes.


Linda said...

I really appreciate the comments Marcia & Amy. Its a challenge making earrings interesting but I do think these are fun & will make people take a second look.

XXOO~ Linda