Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Gift Certificate

I just created this new gift certificate....I have cute ones already but I just felt the need for a change. Plus, I get to make each one of these myself. Each one will be a bit different. I can't wait to make more. The brown background you see is actually the envelop..

Let me know what you think....


Deb said...

That looks stunning Linda!! I love it & they are so much classier than the commercial type of 'blah' gift certificate :o)

I got my issue of glass "The Glass Bead" from the ISGB on the weekend - it was awesome to see your "Sticks & Stones" necklace in the member showcase :o)

Linda said...

Thanks Deb! I finally followed thru and submitted something. I typically think about sending in for things like that but miss deadlines or just plain forget. Thats the problem with a procrastinator like me.

I had fun making the gift certificate. I think I'm going to put one up on etsy to see what type of response I get.