Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tacky Gift & Cookie Swap

Last night was my holiday party. It was so fun! A few people who had planned on coming couldn't since family issues and illness held them back. We missed them.

My favorite moment of the party was when I had everyone team up for the Christmas Tree person from the team had to be the tree while the other team players had to decorate them. They had about 8 minutes to do this and I almosted pee'd my pants watching it all.

I had a very resourceful team, a creative team and an inovative team which really means another creative one. Yes, that balloon is not really a balloon but a condom!! The condom was taken from another game we played....called Feel Up the Stocking.

Everyone brought a Tacky gift and I read the Right Left Christmas story. We all ended up with some horrid, some good and some strange "gifts". Sue always likes to pretend she has "forgotten" her gift and leaves it here for me to find in the morning BUT this year Santa is mailing it to her!!!! I know she won't read this....she is not much of a computer person.

I'm just sorry I didn't take more pictures! Its hard trying to remember picture taking when your laughing so much!
Well, after about 4 more cups of coffee I think I'll be ready to make some beads today. I have plenty to do in that department.


Eric said...

OMG!!! I had such a great time!! Love the pictures:-)

Linda said...

I loved having all of you!!! I just wish I had taken more photos. I would have like to taken a picture of everyone making their Christmas Ball.
Tell me how that Salmon goes over :)

rosebud101 said...

Now, how fun is that!