Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years....What Resolutions Are You Making?

Its just days away from the New Year and I've begun thinking about resolutions. Its a love hate thing with them. On one hand, I really like to think and aspire to being better in someway for the New Year. But, on the other hand, resolutions tend to fizzle out a few weeks into the New Year. Like many of you, I'm going to make a few resolutions anyways and do my best to stick with them. These are just a few things I'm thinking about........this could change but its a start.

Resolution Number 1~ Work smart. By this I mean that I plan on focusing my work schedule better and balancing it with family time. I want to make sure that my work time at the torch is purposeful and better utilized. Unstructured, freetime at the torch is important too for creative growth but as with anything it needs to be balanced.

Resolution Number 2~ Relax. I'm a high energy, busy person. I'm always doing, business and home life always have me on the go. This is good but it can really be a drain. I need to find time to de-stress. I work out in the mornings....this is good but I need more.........I want to get back to yoga in the New Year.

Okay. This is a start. I'm sure I'll fine tune this or maybe just scarp it for different ones by Thursday. What are your resolutions?! Do you think you'll stick to them??

Well, with the time off from work I've also been doing things that I haven't had time for....such as this quilt I began 3 years ago! Its a simple quilt and I had everything cut and ready to be constructed but it just sat around collecting dust. Yesterday was the day it finally got done and I'm so happy I finished it!!! Of course my dogs have already broke it in by balling it up and sleeping on it. Gotta love dog hair around here :)


angelinabeadalina said...

I love the feeling of newness that comes with the official start of a new year! I know from experience, though, that making a resolution is a surefire way to kill a brand new good habit in just a matter of weeks...I crumble right away. So, I don't make resolutions any more, but I do spend more time thinking about things I like and things I'd like to change. Hope the New Year brings you lots and lots of efficient but creative torch time, along with much guilt-free relaxation :)

Linda said...

I know resolutions are cursed but for some reason I still make them! I think the THINKING about being better at whatever it is you want is great too....makes you more aware of what you need to work on. I'm all about improving myself :)

Just got Guitar Hero so I must Rock out now!

rosebud101 said...

I've quit making the one to loose weight. For some reason, those danged hangers are still shrinking my clothes! I am truly getting rid of the hangers this year.