Sunday, December 21, 2008

Twelve Months of Beadmaking....

I got this idea somewhere and thought I'd do a list myself. Starting with this post I'm going to try and come up with 12 different beadmaking suggestions for each month. It will be a fun and potentially useful list to stimulate thinking when the creative well has run dry. I'd love to show YOUR work here too so if you send me your lovelies, I'll post them.

Januaryy~ White. How can you use just white when making beads. Push yourself to create 12 different beads that use just white and clear.

February!~ Hearts. Of course. Exaggerate or simplify the heart shape. Make the bead hole horizontal rather than vertical....see how you can make your hearts different from what you've already done. (I constantly work on this one since hearts are a constant in my work)

March~ long slender cylinder beads that say Spring is on its way! I love Spring....I don't often work with elongated cylinder beads but hey, this is a challenge of sorts.

April~ Latticino & Disc beads. I admit I'm not much of a latticino girl but I do use this technique periodically. Therefore, a focus on this technique for an entire month will do me good. Placing these lovely twisted canes onto a disc bead is also a challenge. But, practice, practice, practice...........thats what I tell my art students, so thats what I must do too!

May~ Coy Fish. There is a Japanese bead artist who makes beautiful fish on beads. (must find her name) I've tried this myself...attempting to figure out just how she does this. What a challenge. Since May 2nd is Childrens Day in Japan, and the symbol is a carp windsock, why not try making a fish on a bead.....or even a fish bead

June~ Murrini. Makum, useum, showum off.







I've got to think on this and continue my list later. I don't want to do the things that I necessarily like to do but would rather do things that I find hard or I procrastinate at trying. Feel free to suggest something!!

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rosebud101 said...

Great idea! I want to try this. I need a creative punch. I think my muse went south for the winter. She is very smart that way!