Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bead of the Week

So, last Saturday I selected Rubino Oro for my Bead of the Week prompt and I did in fact spend a bit of time playing around with this color. I've used Rubino Oro before but I guess it just hasn't sparked anything in me for awhile. To rekindle my interest in this color I purchased Sarah Horniks e-book, Think Pink. Sarah creates beautiful beads and uses this color with great ease in her work. I'm not so sure I learned something I didn't already know about this color but her work and her color combinations were inspiring.

Pictured above are samples of twisted cane I made using Rubino Oro. The pink that was created ranged from a rich raspberry to an eye popping fucshia.

Since I am currently raising money for Hannah's Hope, I decided to put my Bead of the Week color to work for me. Pictured below are a few of the hearts I made using another forgotten technique of raking colors with a pick to make the lines of color move either upward or down....

Well, thats just a little of what I've been up to this week using Rubino Oro. I hope you've given it a try too. If you have anything to show, please let me know & I'd be happy to post it here or provide a link..If you haven't already, I would recommend purchasing Sarah's e-book too. Its filled with great examples and gives well written descriptions.

My next Bead of the Week is Copper Green. I have loads of this color too. A few years ago I was wild about this copper green but then I was once again attracted to brighter things. It was a one time only thing but I actually got it to go copper for me....yes, I did!! Sad to say that hasn't happened again and I don't quite know what I did to achieve this!

Happy Beading! Use some Copper Green this week too!


hotglassbabe said...

I love your rubino oro hearts! How adorable!! Im just coming into my "pink" stage of life having never liked the color before. Love the color combo of your stringers too... very cool! Cant wait to read what you post about Copper Green!

rosebud101 said...

Those are really nice!

Jenn said...

This is one of those posts that when I opened it and looked at the beads, I had to say, "Whoa! Wow!" Those are FANTASTIC! I love Sarah's e-book. I haven't done any of the big beads, but I did some of the smaller ones.

Anonymous said...

The hearts are beautiful - with the layering of the colors, it reminds me of a heart beat on a monitor! Everywhere I wear it, I receive so many compliments...I keep spreading your name.