Sunday, June 7, 2009

How'd you come up with that?

Speaking of "how'd I come up with that?" is a short tale of the crazy thing called inspirtion. Its not necessarily whats right in front of you at the moment but what is remembered. I made this bunch of beads to use for a bracelet. A few years back, in a magazine there was this tutorial on making what I remember being called a cacoon bead. At the time, I made a few as instructed but wasn't particularly inspired to do anything with them. The technique of how to stack the colors and how to keep them looking like neat bands was what stayed with me. Thinking back on that article and coming across a strange tomatoe mashing tool I purchased at a house sale, I created the beads pictured above. I refer to them as plumb bob beads. The name I've given them has nothing to do with either sources of inspiration, I know, but that was what they reminded me of. I took the cacoon idea of stacking colors to create a bulbus bead but did it small instead of large like the article and I added other decoration.

I usually keep all my bead magazines so I'll try and see if I can come up with that article so I can give you a comparison but I can't promise I'll find it. After making the beads pictured here, I then did something a little different. I'll show those tomorrow.

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