Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Bead of the Week Prompt: Rubino Oro

Over the next few weeks I hope to bring about a bit of a change to my blog. I asked for your help and a bunch of you were nice enough to answer my poll and leave me with your thoughts. I've taken this all to heart and hope to bring you a blog you will visit and respond to frequently.

Creativity and Inspiration were a big topic of interest to all who participated in my poll. Artists of all types need to keep things fresh for themselves so their muse remains happy. In an effort to keep my muse, and hopefully yours too, awake and perky, each Saturday I'll post my "Bead of the Week Prompt". This could be a color I've selected, a new to me technque, a get the idea right? This will be my focus at the torch thru out the week until the next Saturday when I come up with a new prompt and share my results.

My first Bead of the Week prompt is Rubino Oro. I happen to have a bunch of this sitting around and need to do something with it. Check in next Saturday to see my results.

1 comment:

rosebud101 said...

Ummm, Linda, that sounds like fun. I'll have to find mine and use some of it, too!