Monday, June 22, 2009

Whack Your Head Monday

Last Monday the Whack Your Head card I picked was Rearrange. I'm not sure I lived up to all this card means but I continue to pondered this card and consider how to utilize it. I can say that the focus of my work has been rearranged this month by my focusing on giving. Normally at this time I'm working hard designing new things for my upcoming shows but for the month of June my attention has been on making hearts to support an organization that is very important to me. I frequently donate work to causes but this time I'm much more intentional & have put giving the spot of prime importance. I think this is Rearranging. Do you?

The next card to think about is Believe in Yourself. Also known as, You are what you think you are. A positive attitude and a level of self confidence goes a long way. The question the card asks at the end, is How are you Creative? Lets think about this one for a week :)

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