Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hearts & Hands

I want to Thank Everyone who contributed to honoring the memory of Hannah Congdon & the 5 "angels" who tragically lost their lives in a terrible car accident 2 years ago by purchasing a specially priced Hannah Heart from me this month! I've roughly sold 40 hearts making my donation to Joining Hearts and Hands a whopping $800.00!! Well, at this moment, I'm just 4 hearts shy of that figure but I know that I'll make it.

This sounds mushy but we only have one life to live and part of having a good life, I believe, is giving and helping others. Simple words but hard to life up to. Its not always easy to be helpful, kind and giving. Sometimes challenging people are put in front of you. But underneath all our issues, I really do believe in the goodness of people.

Next year has a big benchmark to meet! Hope you will be part of my annual month of giving next June :)

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