Friday, April 2, 2010

3 Beautiful Things

1. A warm spring day off from work to be spent with my husband. Such a rare occassion. Doing simple things together like grocery shopping, working out at the gym, cleaning the cars and cleaning the house.
2. Signs of Spring. Seeing buds on early spring blooming bushes and trees, Robins searching for worms and listening to the birds calling early in the morning.
3. Time spent with friends. I went to the movies with 5 girlfriends last night. We laughed, enjoyed each others company and saw an okay movie. The night was warm and we all felt like it was summer.

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Nicki said...

Hi Linda,
I just received your beads. They are so gorgeous. I have them all layed out on my table so I can come up with something to make with them. It is really hard to believe which one is the nicest. I will blog about them tomorrow. Did you get mine? Hope you will enjoy them.