Friday, April 30, 2010

3 Beautiful Things

Its always interesting pondering "beautiful things" that have happened during the course of a day, week, month.....So I sit here this morning thinking...thinking about all that is good in my life...thinking of what was beautiful this week.......Here is what came to mind;

1. An old friend. Yesterday I met up with old friend from high school days that I hadn't seen since. When I walked in the door to where we were meeting w both exclaimed, "You look exactly the same!" We talked about our upcoming Reunion and friends we shared. So nice to step back in time and reconnect to someone whom you had lots of fun with!

2. Getting up early. I'm an early bird by nature. I LOVE to get up before anyone else and enjoy my first cup of coffee in peace. Listen to the early sounds of morning. Take in the denim blue sky. Check out the moon. It feels like your cheating the day and getting something in extra. Its a beautiful thing to rise early and enjoy peace.

3. The drive to work. Believe it or not, my drive to work is something I find beautiful. I have certain trees I like and watch them in there various seasonal stages, I look out over the water (Lake Ontario) and dream about the ocean and I just like to see what I can see. During this time of year its the swans. I can see them building their nests in the ponds I pass by and the human visitors that stop with their expensive cameras to take pictures. The swans are just so beautiful!

What beautiful things have filled your day or week?

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