Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whack Your Head Wednesday

Find A Pattern

#10  Poet Alexander Pope: "Order is heav'n's first law. Much of what is called "intelligence" is our ability to recognize this order in the form of patterns. We recognize cycles (plankton yields conform to a strict four year bloom and bust cycle), sequences (the order in which you put on your clothes), processes (how to convert flour, eggs and milk into waffles), tendencies (cracks in dried mud usually form 120 degree angles), shapes (the stars that make up the constellation Leo), similarities (stellar galaxies and water emptying in a bath tub spiral in the same way), behaviors (etiquette on a crowded bus), and probabilities (the likelihood of throwing a "seven" at a crap table). What patterns do you detect? How can you use them to better understand your idea?

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