Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday's Featured Artist

Ayako Hattori

I'm fasinated with Japanese culture and their style of lampwork beads. The Japanese not only have a different type of glass, they also use a different style of torch too.  But what I love most however is the underlying style of Japanese lampwork. Grace, control and least thats what I see. Today I would like to introduce you to Ayako Hattori. By learning a bit about her, I know you will love her work as much as I do.

How long have you been making beads and how did you get your start?
For about 10 years. I started bead making at a local hobby class. We used very small torch, so we could only make very small beads.

Where do you get your inspiration and who do you admire?
Nature and flowers inspire me. I often look up photos on internet. I admire Japanese and Western artists who make flower and scenery of nature.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your work?
I make marbles from Japanese techniques. Japanese Satake glass is too soft to make good shapes. It is very difficult for me but I keep on trying.

What are you most proud of?
When customers are pleased with my beads. I feel so happy and proud.

What do you hope to achieve in 3, 5 and 10 years?
I'm not sure. But I want to make more lifelike flowers and animals.

Three words that describe you?
Logical, diligent but a bit silly. Logical thinking is needed to make complicated murrini. It takes time so yo need to be diligent.

An interesting fun fact about you?
Satake glass is very soft so we blow surface of bead to make it solid before we put it into the kiln. When I blew on bead, my lips touched it by mistake. It was the hottest kiss of mine!!

I've included this video to show you the Japanese method of lampworking. Hope you've enjoyed learning about Ayako and will visit her Etsy shop too. I keep waiting for a particular bead that I should have snagged when I originally saw it!

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