Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fasinated by Keys

Each day this week I've made Key beads. I find a key and feel compelled to add a bead or two to it.

Can't say I have a favorite yet. Its just the process that I enjoy.

I don't yet have a cleaver way to use these as of yet. But who cares! Its just fun making them.

Do you see one you like? Today is a new day so I'm sure to make another Key Bead. Maybe I'll put some in my shop to see how they go over.


Gemstone Jewelry said...

Needless to say, the physical move to Colorado and the attention to my new position left me with little to no time to create jewelry or to blog about it. In addition, a major health issue intervened. More about that tomorrow.

Ginaagain said...

I love them! I would just put one on a silver chain and wear it as a pendant. Beautiful.

Pretty Things said...

I absolutely love key beads!!!