Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bead Caps

I've made a few bead caps to use myself and to sell. These are my traditional caps.....but I've also made some asymmetrical ones too.........

Kinda fun that they have jagged edges and they reach farther over the side of the bead.


Deb said...

OK - I'm officially in love.lol!

Linda I adore your round bead caps, but I am head over heels with your asymmetrical ones. Totally inspired!
Brilliant....talented lady.

Now where will you be selling these....?

steufel said...

Those are really great. Wish I'd could do something like that too. regards Stefanie

Linda said...

Thanks to both of you :) I have a show next weekend and once thats done I plan on stocking my etsy shop....so many things to do, so little time right? We could all use some extra time :)