Monday, May 31, 2010

Hearts For Hannah

Each year at this time I donate in memory of Hannah Congdon to Joining Hearts and Hands, a non-profit educational organization. Hannah and four of her friends died together in a tragic car accident shortly after graduating high school in 2007. They were each young women with promising futures.

I want to help remember Hannah and her 4 friends by selling specially made glass hearts and donating all proceeds to Joining Hearts and Hands in her memory. Last year we raised $820.00. This year my goal is to reach $1000.00 by the end of June. Every few days I will post glass hearts that are currently available here on my blog. You will see a special link to the right that says Hearts for Hannah.  You can email me to let me know which one you would like. Each is specially priced at $20.00. If these are to be mailed, there is a small shipping cost.

My husband and I have been supporters of Joining Hearts and Hands since its beginning in 2004. Please take a moment to read about Dr. William Cala and his wife Joanne and how this organization benefits the orphans in Kenya and their communities.


Stefani said...

Those hearts are gorgeous!

Being a local reader, I can attest to what good people the Calas are.

Nice, Linda!

jewelry supplies said...

I found your site on this morning and really liked it. I bookmarked your blog and will definitely be back soon to read your new posts!

Linda said...

Hi Stefani....yes, the Cala's are great people! My husband was fortunate to have worked for Dr. Cala....a wonderful Superintentant!

Glad you found me jewelry supplies!! Hope you will pop in often :)