Monday, May 17, 2010

A Monday idea for Friday

Being an art teacher and an artist, you must get the idea that I love art! Art of all types. I believe that the act of creating is a gift we are all given and it is up to us to either feed that gift by acting on creative impulses or have it wither away to where we feel unable to "make" anything or to question our abilities. I believe we are all artists of one type or is not a special talent bestowed on magical few.......we all have IT and I want to encourage you.  So, I will host a new re-occurring post once a month titled Found Art Friday.  My aim is to show all sorts of art I find interesting and also to have YOU find some of my art.....I want to show the wide span of what art is and then give some of my art away with encouraging notes.....I will actually be placing my art in public places for someone to find and keep.....maybe even post a comment here on my blog too.

So, have I gone crazy? Is this just totally wierd?? Maybe so. But we will see. I'm going to do this for a year and then judge it. Who knows what the possibilities are :) Check back this Friday to see my first official Found Art Friday post.

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