Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hearts for Hannah- To Know Someone

The check has been cut and we are just waiting to pass it onto Joining Hearts and Hands! Summer schedules can be hard to coordinate... but it should be very soon that we can personally present the check!

 I wanted you all to know what a hugh success Hearts for Hannah has been. I am so thrilled that each year I have done Hearts for Hannah, the response has grown and grown. This year we made as much as we did the 2 previous years combined! It was so close to 2000.00...1800.00 to be exact! That means I made about 92 hearts!!! 

Hannah's family is so appreciative of this event I hold each June to honor their daughter & sister. The Congdon family passed me this writing piece that Hannah did as a writing assignment Senior year. This speaks volumes as to the nature of Hannah and her wish for love & kindness. I thought you'd like to read it...permission to post this was given by the family...

About Me                                                                                  
by, Hannah Congdon  

I like to smile, be loud and bubbly
But there is more to me than what you see
I am not just a cheerleader who’s really preppy.

I believe I am here to make a difference
To help those who need it the most.
To give them strength and comfort when it is needed.

I miss the times when I could sleep forever
And had no worries in the world.
I could play all day and just be me.

I fear the world I do not know
And what only time will tell.
I don’t like not knowing what happens next
Or what is in store for my future.

I love to love.
I think all the world needs is love
And for everyone to get along.
I don’t like war and hope for peace on Earth.

I hate when people don’t get along
Or fight over stupid reasons.
Life is too short to be caught up in drama.

I wish people would treat others with respect.
Listen when they are talking
And don’t talk while they are talking.

I like to be known as a cheerleader
But there is more to me than that.
I hope to someday make a difference in the world
So it will be a better place for everyone.

Peace, Love, Happiness. 

I certainly hope that by reading this you feel wonderful about being part of Hearts for Hannah. This was Hannah's make a difference and that is what all of you are doing by purchasing a heart designed by me each June. Thank you.

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Lori Bennett said...

Linda, that is so wonderful and Hannah's writing was just beautiful. You are such a blessing to help carry on Hannah's dreams.