Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Heat is On!

This past week has been very hot with one of the days being labeled "excessively HOT"...where I live we reached 104 degrees with horrible humidity! So, as you might guess, this has put the brakes on beadmaking! I did tough it out yesterday in the 92 degrees but it was only for a short time to get components made for a necklace order.

Since I have a hard time sitting still and not creating something, I've been devoting my time to painting and Art Journaling. One night I spent sometime with my friend Joanne and she had a group of us create large paintings that we transformed into books. A nice night of mess making. Pictured above is my large painting and as you can see, I love circles! This seems to be a theme I've been working with rather unconsciously in both my paintings and my beads.

One evening I hosted an Art Therapy Night where a few ladies came over to paint and make some pmc was fun.....Hot Fun being that it was a sultry evening!

On Wednesday mornings I host an Art Class for Kids. We have hours of fun painting and other sorts of art making...

My sister and I went to a Red Wings game one eveing and had a great time reminiscing when we worked at the ball park as teenagers. It was suppose to be a group of 6 of us but everyone bailed out so it was just a sister thing that night. Check out my picture of the horse made from baseball mits....anything can be used to make ARt!

Today I think I will continue on with some painting and also tough it out once again to make a few beads. I love the warm weather but the humidity is not hair is a complete crazy mass, I move like a snail and I don't feel like eating a thing......visualize that!

What do you do in the heat??

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rosebud101 said...

Linda, I can't imagine you sitting still!!! I simply veg when it's that hot. Can't seem to move, but I do seem to eat!!!! lol!