Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trying New Things

Its so much fun exploring new things. The summer gives me that time to do just that....I've been painting- working with plaster- Art Journaling- beading with seed beads  (generally not my thing) and taking classes. Art journaling has been so relaxing. I'm not much for planning so the "happening" approach to working with my journal pages has really suited me. I'll have a picture next time of what I've done.

I just took a class with Barbara Becker Simon and learned how to create her amazing bangle bracelets. Everyone in the class used Bronze clay but me being the odd ball...I used PMC Pro. This pmc has less silver content (90% rather than .999% like the other silver pmc's) but fires to a stronger hardness so I'm told and able to withstand punishment that goes with wearing a bangle. I'm pretty happy with my result....a few people in class ended up with broken bracelets due to firing I'm really happy I actually have something I can wear.

 This is the seed bead bracelet I made yesterday. Like I said-this typically isn't my thing but I really liked this bracelet. Apparently its all the rage right now and really simple to make. The part that took the longest was adding the little clearish seed beads just because of their size.......really a quick bracelet once you know what your doing. A very similar bracelet but with just one row (think just my green beads in the center as one row) appears in the Sundance cataloge for a pretty big price. The bracelet in Sundance does wrap around the wrist 3 times but its this same concept just long and narrow.


BahamaDawn said...

beautiful pieces!!! i am using the summer to take some classes as well!! and i also use the sundance cataglog for inspiration! love that company!

Yee said...


Love both the bangle and bracelet :) Been meaning to try a wrap bracelet but just haven't had time with school. I like the way you have two different types of beads. Very nice!