Saturday, July 9, 2011

Second Saturday Open Studio

What a fun day. It was a perfect weather day too...sun shining...not too hot...just beautiful. This gorgeous  day was also my first Second Saturday Open Studio. I will be doing this most every second saturday of the month and will feature different things....maybe a "Quickie" class or "Bead Special" or whatever I dream up. Today I had people coming and going from 11:00- 2:00...never a dull moment.....the feature was a Quickie PMC class and I had many taking part in this bargin of a class. Just a great day to hang out and play.

Last night I made a few of these new pendants...I love organic shapes!

I also had more hearts but as you can guess.........they are gone :) I'm going to put a few of these in my etsy shop to see how they do. I like this one......actually there are a few I'd like to keep for myself but of course I won't

Please visit my Etsy Shop to see what I have...Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!


la mar de bonita said...

Linda, I love your bead style - they have such a freshly happy-go-lucky nature (hope I've found the right translation for it .... ;0))


Linda said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad my beads look happy..I certainly happy while creating each one :)