Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Spirit

November was a very busy month with shows every weekend. December has been busy too but in a festive way. I've done fun holiday things with family and friends. I took a Holiday a arrangement making class with my sister at a local garden store and an Italian Holiday cooking class with my niece at our area culinary institute and met a good friend for dinner just the other night........ I'm looking forward to seeing A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve with my sweetheart,  our After the Holiday Open House party in January and the Ornament quickie class I'm doing at work this week for co-workers.  Always a lot going on!

Along with all the Holiday fun, I've been slowly working on creating a Handmade Ornament tree for our home. Each year at our Holiday party I have guests paint ornaments as a gift that will hopefully remind them of a fun party at our home. I've created some different ornaments this year so my guests will have a choice of ornament they would like to make.

This year at our party I will offer ornaments decorated with Graffiti, scroll work, glitter, marbling, and paint & patterns. I have a few other examples to prepare but I think it will be a nice selection. I'm doing a quickie class at work for staff on Tuesday also........I thought it would be fun to get my crafty co-workers in the Holiday mood too.

Another artsy endeavor I'm taking is to once again focus on my Art Journaling. Last winter I really began to experiment in this area and I've continued here and there since then. I have a few new Art Journals waiting to be decorated so I'm contemplating doing a Page A Day starting in January.  If I do a page a day for a year..... thats a hugh would be a challenge........I'm seriously thinking about it. But I could also do A Page A Day for the month of January....that is more reasonable.......something I might be able to do.......not without a struggle however since I know I won't always be inspired by anything.

I've been happily enjoying the Holiday spirit by being involved with family and friends. I'm already thinking of the new year by planning on whats next this January.  I hope you are enjoying all these days before the Holiday doing festive fun things with your family too. Time spent with family & friends is the best gift I could receive or give. We often don't give people in our lives enough of our Time......Time is what memories are made from......Christmas Eve and Christmas Day go by in a flash......I hope you will enjoy each day before the actual day arrives!

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