Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Minute Writer- Color

Since I've been in a blogging slump I figured I'd do some prompts to recharge myself. I visited the One Minute Writer blog and noted their prompt for the day ( this was Sundays prompt) was Color.........write a negative emotion a certain color gives you........hmmmmm. I really had to think. I decided to select a color(s) that were closely tied to me being in big trouble as a kid. I happen to love these colors too ....just not when this shirt was worn by my mother.

Blue and Green Striped Shirt
I love colors. Bright happy cheerful colors! So its funny that the two colors that I happen to love the most are also two colors that filled me with dread during my childhood. You see, my mother had this shirt....a sleeveless, v-neck, Navy blue and chartreuse striped shirt that was out to get me! No matter how well my day was going, if that shirt showed up on my mother, I knew I was going to be in some big trouble at some point in the day. This shirt really seemed to have power over my mother causing her to get really angry at ME. She could start the day just fine but once Ms. Sleeveless, V-Neck, Navy Blue and Chartreuse Striped Shirt was put on............the mood of the day began to grow dark. Years later when I as an adult I told my mother about that shirt.........I remembered trouble I got into because of that shirt and just how much I hated it. Was it the shirt or the pairing of colors??? I don't know All I can say is I hate that shirt colors and all!

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