Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Eve Thoughts from a Reformed Bad Girl

In a few days we will all be ringing in the New Year. Resolutions, good eating and lots of drinking are a few traditional ways many of us chose to celebrate. Well in advance of your celebrating I want to remind everyone of the options that you have to possibly save your own life or the life of others. You know New Years Eve is coming so plan ahead by do the following:

:: If you live in an area that offers Tipsy Towing by AAA, they drive you and your car home for free on New Years Eve.

:: If you live in Rochester, we do not yet have Tipsy Towing so you can call Designated Drivers of Rochester.

:: If you've had to much to drink or think you've had too a friend, call family or designate a driver at the start of your night.

:: You can always party but NOT drink. If you have ever been at an event where someone else is drunk and you're not, you've seen just how stupid drinking really is. Yes, it feels good (temporarily) and you feel carefree but you are most likely behaving like an idiot.

I remember how much fun I thought I was having while drunk and also remember the regret I had the next day. I don't often speak out about this but I've lost so many friends because of this and just want to remind people of choices they have.

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