Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Featured Artists

This has been very unusual for me. And I don't like it one bit. Actually, I don't think anyone like this. BEING SICK! I've been home from work for 21/2 days!! Thats unheard of with me....I had to even e-mailed my lesson plan in for the day since I couldn't bare the thought of possibly being seen looking pale, hair askew and smelling of vicks! I know tomorrow has to be better...I planning on it!

I do have some work of a few other talented people I'd like to share with you today for my first Featured Artist posting. The first artist is Rebecca Collins from Art Paw After posting my Pushing Boundries entry I recieved a very nice comment from Rebecca about my pet portrait. I then looked into her website and was even further honored by her comment after seeing her fantastic work. We have had several e-mail conversations since and we have discovered many similarities in our lifes....she claims she would be a bit fearful of teaching children but I assured her it was like working with a room ful of puppies!

She and her husband Dan began their pet portrait business in 1998 and they were the very first to offer contemporary, hip, cool pet portraits. I hope you check out their site to learn more about them and their work.

The second artist I want to recognize is Jenipher Brody of Cherry Runway Jewelry Jen and I have had a number of e-mail conversations over the past few months and we just connected with one another. Each time I visit her site it seems to be looking better & better. Oh, and I found a Pet inspired bracelet that is adorable!

Jen has been making jewelry for about 15 years and finds inspiration everywhere. Jen tells me that her worked is continually evolving and she is encouraged by family & friends. Her ultimate goal is to one day open a boutique that sells not only her handmade work but that of others too. Once this dream is realized Jen is looking to combine her love of art, craft and charity work.

I hope you enjoy looking into these two wonderful artists! I plan on featuring working by other contemporary, hip, cool (where did I see that wording??)people on a monthly someone you want to tell me about? Well just email me!


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for the plug!

Linda said...

Hi Rebecca,
I love your work and hope others who visit here check it out!

Cherry Runway said...

Thanks so much Linda! I appreciate it! :)

I really hope your feeling better!! Talk to you soon.