Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lunch Line

I've slowly begun to get back to bead work. This illness stinks. Although I've been back to work for 5 days now, my stamina just isn't up to par. But, I have been working on some things that require less energy so that is a good thing. I expect to be back at the torch either one evening this week or most definitly by the weekend.

I've really been a much better blogger than I had expected to be when I made the switch from a journal page to a blog this past June. Its challenging at times to come up with interesting or useful tidbits but when my husband emailed me these photos....I thought, AHHH, HAAAA! I have a blog entry!
Here's Pete, my wonderful husband slinging food in the school lunch line. He was part of an event(don't know the name of it) where he had to serve lunch at a school in his district. I like it when he spends time with much adult stuff makes you.....stuffy. Doesn't he look cute? I just wondered why he didn't choose to wear fruit on his head?! I must make something for him :)

Here's the big group shot. The taller guy with the fruit on his head is a principal. He's also the lead singer in the local band, Reporter. Don't you just love knowing the "real deal" about people & their lives outside of the daily grind? Makes them more that a word?

Well....sorry there isn't more to report. I'm working at getting better and I will have some silver work to show off soon.
~be well

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