Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm not kidding.....sick again!

Generally, I'm a very healthy person. This March however has been tough. As you have heard on the news, the flu has been particularly harsh this year and the vaccine was the wrong one to boot. Well, I haven't had the flu but I have had a nasty long lasting illness that has been a big bother. I won't bore you with details but UGH! I've had it! Tomorrow night I have my monthly massage & hope I can get through it without coughing.

At my energetic moments I have been working on things that I can do like stringing or making silver pieces for my work. I'm working on filling a large order for a new Gallery and should be done with that soon. I'll let you in on the Gallery once I've sent out the package.

The jewelry piece I'm currently completing is named after one of my new customers.....Nicole, if your reading, its named after YOU! Nicole ordered some items from me and I was inspired by what she selected. So, I made a double order of some of the items and added some things of my own choosing. Wouldn't it be fun to see what Nicole did with the beads and what I did......what a fun!

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