Friday, March 21, 2008

Glass Resin Cups...Hmmmm, what to fill with?

Hmmmmm, what will I fill my Glass "Resin" cups with?? I'm going to do something hopefully today with them. Words, images, stuff? Who knows what I'll do but these little cups have been sitting around here for about a month and I have to do something!

Well, Happy Spring everyone! I love the beginning of Spring. You just know the nice weather is just around the corner. On my way to work I like to look up at the trees to see the buds waiting to open up to leaves. I like to hear the geese come home and I love the smell of hyacine plants...all signs of Spring that I love!

This week was busy with things at school. I had Parent Art Day which is extremely fun but very stressful to arrange & implement. Everyone had a great time however and we had loads of parents creating along side their children.

We've also been experiencing computer problems recently. Our computer basically crashed and has left me without some of my needed programs. The good news however is that I purchased a Mac & I LOVE it! Nice large screen, wireless keyboard, great graphics abilities and extremely easy to navigate. I was a bit hesitant at purchasing it thinking I wouldn't like it but boy was I wrong! So, web updates will be a little behind since I have to purchase a web design program for my Mac.

I was a little blue a few days ago since my Etsy shop really wasn't doing anything for sales. No sooner had I quietly worried about this I made my first sale! An international sale going all the way to Rome Italy! I feel pretty honored to have someone purchase something from me who lives in Italy......the mecca of great glass I've been doing the happy dance for a day or two now!

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