Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pushing Boundries

Each year around this time I get, well, itchy. No, not itchy in the literal sense but antsy, itchy, restless, cabin fever....whatever you want to call it. Its the winter doldrums and I want OUT!

During this spell I often find myself pushing the boundries of my creative endeavors. I experiment, explore and just try new things. This restless period seems to unleash something inside me and I am more accepting of the "crazy" ideas I might dream up. I just go with the flow....or maybe I just stop procrastinating and act on those things that have been stored up in my brain somewhere....Anyways, I've been busy with things.

I've worn many creative hats in my life....graphic artist, advertising representative, art teacher....among others. When I was beginning to spread my artistic wings I created Pet Portraits. I didn't do tons but I did a number of them. This gave me a reason to paint and possibly make some money at it. Needless to say, that was short lived. I just didn't pursue it.

But.....Pet Portraits have come back into my life!!! And I think they might stick around for a while. Just to help connect the dots in my creative school we are beginning to talk about recycling and recycled art. I'm also a member of a glass guild and we too have been discussing recycled, my NEW Pet Portraits incorporate Recycled Beads and painting!!! Check out my dogs portrait....not quite done yet but you get the idea. Beads, paint, collage.....its all there! I will be offering custom pet portraits on my website to see how this NEW thing goes so be looking for them.....very reasonably priced I might add.


Rebecca said...

Love this portrait ! The background is very nice and the colors yummy. It might be interesting to see the glass worked into a border along the edges with smaller beads or something? At any rate it is great! Is this a fox terrier?

Linda said...

Hi Rebecca,
Yes, its a smooth fox terrier. You know you dogs! I'm still working on it and will have to see about a bead border....could happen!
Thanks for commenting!
:) Linda

cowbelly said...

I totally dig the writing around the outside. It's really unique and dynamic. Welcome (back) to the dog art club! I look forward to seeing more creations.

BTW- Rebecca sent me your way. :-)

Jamie in Seattle

gooddogz said...

Love the painting! How much? I would love to feature your work on my blog...Bet you would get some biz to...

Linda said...

Hi Nancy
Thanks for the comment & the interest! I'm thinking the small painting with beaded collar will go for 95.00...I'd LOVE to be featured on your blog.
I'm going to check out your site as soon as I leave here.
Thanks again,
:) Linda