Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let the Sunshine!

Its good to be feeling better! Although its chilly out, the sun is shining and boy that feels good. My cough is getting better everyday and I'm getting my energy back! THAT feels GREAT! Tomorrow I can get back to yoga......I've missed almost all of March due to illness...either mine, Peters or the instructors.

Well, I'm out in the studio making beads today and I'm so happy to be doing so. I don't have tons in the kiln but I do have some things. I have orders I'm working on so that comes first. I hope to have something new to show you soon.

My birthday was this week and even though I was sick, it was still enjoyable. Peter bought me this leather bound sketchbook that I had admired during Christmas time, took me to dinner at Edibles (a favorite spot) and we went, at my request, to the Strong Museum of Play to see Grossology & the Butterfly Museum. We took or youngest niece, Summer, and it was a fun time for all of us. This is Summer at the Operation game.....

When inside the Butterfly conservatory you can get a chart that lists all the butterfly species to look for. Summer had ours but I really didn't pay attention to the chart since I was constantly looking at something new. You also had to be careful not to step on the butterflies....they were literally everywhere.

There was a beautiful butterfly I wanted to get a picture of but he just wouldn't open his wings (the best part). We did get to see newly born butterflies take their first flight however. I liked the bright green one.

The blogger was taking forever to upload images today.....sorry, I had more to share but I rather bead than wait for them to load!!!

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