Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Studio Cleaning....

Yesterday I showed you the before and after photos of the glass working side of the studio. Today I'll show you the jewelry making side and its new improved look. The first improvement is picture below. New glass shelves for all the knick knacks that I MUST have in my studio. The glass shelving is great since it allows light thru so it doesn't look dark and closed in.
This bead I treasure. Its by Cathy Lybarger at Aardvark glass. I love her sense of humor and her beads are fantastically funny. Go take a peek!

Another great clutter solution are the magnetic bead/finding storage containers I have above my bench. These aren't exactly a new solution but definitly one worth mentioning.

Now that I have glass shelves on one side, the shelving about my work bench can be more effective. Books, supplies and other items are above, off my bench and out of the way. Neat and easy to find. Nice.

As you can see, I still have some cleaning up to do but boy its so much better than before. Be looking for another Featured Artist on my blog coming this weekend! I should have somethings to put up on my site too.

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