Monday, April 21, 2008

Studio Spring Clean Up

Last week was Spring Break and I focused part of my time on a studio clean up. I tend to work back and forth between a tidy work space to a chaotic one. It was time for that tidy work area to make an appearance so I had my work cut out for me. Here is my studio before the clean up~
Now check it out! Yes, a clean space is a happy space!Not bad Uh!I came up with this little idea that will help me keep my work surface free from that nasty bead old cookie tray will be the surface where I can remove beads from the mandrels and clean them up....the mess will then be in a smaller area and a lot easier to clean up! My next area to tackle is my beading bench!


lawatha said...

I love the "before" photos. They look just like my workspace! Now I don't feel so bad... ; )

Linda said...

Yes, my studio typically looks like the before....I do actually work well in that chaos! But my June Cleaver persona came out and I HAD to clean up!

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