Sunday, January 20, 2008


I woke up early this morning since I couldn't breath! My nose is a bit stuffed know how that goes. Lay on one way, one side gets plugged up, turn and then it happens to the other! So instead of laying there I got up, let the dogs out and made some coffee. Its always nice having the quiet of the morning to yourself.

I've been working on publishing a book. I've been working on it for a little bit and am now focusing on text. I love quotes. So over coffee, I googled some quotes I was interested in and stubbled onto a great site. Creating Minds is a great place to find help at unblocking your creative mojo. I've bookmarked it for myself and some of you might like it too. All of these strategies are not necessarily "new" but they are listed all together making for easy reference. Its very similar to the book and deck of cards called, A Whack on the Head. This is a great place for any creative spirit to find help, courage or direction....I know I will utilize it for both Work (teaching art) and Play (making jewelry).

Some of you might be wondering, Where is that Update you said you were going to do on the 18th!? Yeap. Time drifted by and I didn't do it....I'm taking images today and posting some updates asap.


Cherry Runway said...

I hope you feel better Linda!

Linda said...

XXOO~ Thanks. I'm just about to respond to your e-mail you sent me the other day so be on the lookout.
:) Linda