Monday, January 14, 2008

Its All About the Hearts

Hearts have been a constant in my "career" as a beadmaker. For as long as I have been making beads....I've been making heart beads. Kitchy, I know, but I never tire of them. Its also a great subject for me to stretch my creative mojo...always searching for ways to reinvent how I "do" hearts.

Here is one of my latest Heart inspired creations. The photograph is not the best....but hopefully the intent will shine thru. Its a winged heart vessel pendant that takes center stage dangling from a heavy chain. It can be filled with bubbles (why not?!) or a custom blend of essential oils (you can do this with Aveda oils).....a love note.....or pixie dust. I have a few more of these ...they are all hearts, all vessels but all a bit different. I LOVE them.

Let me know what YOU think.

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