Sunday, January 13, 2008

Indian Cuisine To Die For

Last night we were invited to Sue & Phil's house for dinner. Phil happens to be a fantastic bookworms are always so jealous when Sue tells of the delicious meals Phil cooks almost daily.....we all wish our husbands would cook just a quarter of the time that her husband does and with such skill! So last night Kathy, Tim, Peter and I were invited to actually indulge in one of his many specialties....Indian.....and it certainly did not disappoint. The best Indian I've ever had!

Okay I have to continue with the wonders of Phil. He is also a woodwork and creates amazing mandalins, mando-cellos, guitars, etc....He does this for the simple pleasure of creating....he does not sell his work. It is so nice to see all the work and detail that goes into each piece he makes. I don't play an instrument but watching him work and seeing his end results sure makes me want to learn. I so appreciate those who matter if its a great meal or artwork.....creating is a gift we all have but don't always acknowledge.

I've been very diligent at the torch and have kept to a list of "To Do's" each day. I dropped off a number of things to a shop yesterday and am preparing for an upcoming event at Spirit Works. I'm gathering things up and will be photographing to make my self imposed Jan. 18th WebDate Update!

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