Monday, January 21, 2008

A Day Off

Ahhhhhh. A day off is always nice. I know what you're thinking, I had the whole weekend right? Well, weekends are workdays for me too. But today was a mixture of a little work and a little play. The husband and I went to Corning Glass Museum. Part was business and part was for fun. Business was good so the fun part was EXTRA fun! Translation: I shopped. I bought a few glass related items like a book titled Fire by Dale Chihuly and a video. But, the purchase I giggle over the most are the 3 helmet stickers I got to put on my motorcycle helmet! The "nicest" one reads: Who lit the fuse to your tampon?! You may read the others if you see me on the bike this summer :)

On the trip home Peter was telling me about an article he read in some magazine while waiting for an appointment. The article was about a question a guy had about how to get blue birds to come to the blue bird house he had made for them. Apparently this guy spent some time on this great bird house but the blue birds would look at it but would not make a home of it....The author of the article told him to make a crappy bird house out of cardboard and put it next to the nice one he made. The female blue bird would look at the crappy house and then, feeling more confident of her mates choice, would move into the nice one !! I cracked up. I suppose the female bluebirds need real evidence that their mates weren't trying to scam them into some dive of a house!

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