Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Full Day of Summer Vacation!

:: Slept in until 5:15ish (thats sleeping in for me)
:: Enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee listening to the birds.
:: Went for a nice hour long walk with my husband. So lucky to have him off of work until after the 4th! We never have much time together since we are both so busy...especially him!

Dozens of Swans were sleeping while we walked by this morning.

SeaBreeze! We plan on going there over the summer (its just down the road from us) Pete loves water slides! I like the rides.

We really do live in a nice area! Water, great trails and plenty to do....

:: Took a nice motorcycle ride out to a farm market thats about an hour or more away from home. I had never been to this place and wanted to check it out...Brown's Berry Patch is awesome!

I love farm markets for some reason. They feel very homey.

:: Returned home and had a nice light lunch
:: Made some colorful vessels for an aromatherapy fragrance class a friend and I will be doing soon! Really looking forward to that and these vessels will hold said fragrance or essential oil blend.
:: Off to get my hair cut in a few minutes

Gosh......Its been a great day so far! First Full Day of Summer Vacation has been wonderful....

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angelinabeadalina said...

What an awesome day! The sleeping swans look serene...love that image!