Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hearts for Hannah- Batch #6

I've been busy working on wrapping up the school year and trying to stay cool in the 90 degree weather! And with it being in the low 90's, working at the torch was not the best idea....Yesterday I was able to make a few hearts before going to a party and then my nieces recital. So, here are my current hearts....I will have more tomorrow and the rest of this week since I will be on summer break! I hope you find something you love :)

I've also been creating some very sweet Aromatherapy vessels....I make these on and off and have recently become intrigued with them again.

These will be in my Etsy Shop later today. If you are on my mailing list you will also see that I will be offering a create your own Essential Oil fragrance class too....


Patti said...

Linda, Can I have the one on the left...the blue with the gold on it. Thanks! Pati

Linda said...

Hi Patti, Yes, that one is yours :) I will put aside with your other.

Kathy Gillen said...

If you make anymore of the blue ones, please let me know. I love that one. Is the purple one on the right still available? Your hearts go so fast, I havent been able to get one.

Linda said...

Hi Kathy,
The purple one is available and now has your name on it! I will be making more too so I could make some that are similar to others....not sure which blue one you liked but these designs will be repeated somewhat.
Thank you so much!! the purple one is set aside for you
XO Linda

Kathy said...

Thanks. It was the blue with gold on the left that I liked and will definitely take one like that if you make one.