Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hearts for Hannah

Thank you again to everyone who purchased hearts this year for my annual fundraiser. All hearts have been sold and over the next week I will finish up getting hearts mailed out. Once all money has been collected, I will post the final dollar amount raised and will write a check to Joining Hearts and Hands.

The hearts made for today have all been sold so I just did not bother to post.

This year was a little challenging for me due to tendonitis and changes at work. Thank you to all who stuck it out with me and patiently awaited hearts to post.

I sell my hearts ALL the time so please do stop by my Etsy Shop or visit me at a summer show to pick some up. These hearts support me so I in turn can do for others.


Robin said...

Linda - I have been away so I apologize for not contacting you about picking up my heart for Hannah. Do you still have ti set aside for me? Can I pick it up Thursday evening? What is your address?

Robin Benoit

Linda said...

Hi Robin,
I think I will be available Thursday evening but please email me so I can give you my address and firm up a time.