Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Categories are: Silly Dog, Taxes & Painting

Just trying to find a patch of sunlight to lay in.....our dog will do anything to find that little bit of sun, even balance like a goat on the couch! Isn't he funny a sweet way. His ears are suppose to flop forward but they just didn't want to do that as a puppy so he ended up with Radar O'Reilly ears. We love him.

Well time off always finds things to do. Taxes. Thats the dreaded thing. But, I've also been painting. I'm currently working on a still life. Bold, colorful, expressinve...thats what my painting style is to me anyway. I'm not a realist but I'm not an abstract artist either.....the title that best fits is expressionist. I do love to paint but I rarely have time. I'm also not the most confident artist either. I like what I do but absolutely dread showing others my maybe I'll show it.

I also LOVE journals & collage. I have a customer/friend who taught a journal class in Italy recently & I was so wishing I could go along. She does fantastic work and is a wildly fun person. I actually became friendly with her and her family after meeting them at Clothesline ARts Festival a few years ago. Please visit her blog Melissa also has a website that is definitly worth checking out at

Anyways, I'm into making art journals.....but that first page is a killer. What to do?? A year ago I purchased this book and am just now diving into it. I also have had this crazy idea that I want to play with. Mixing my beads within a painting. I have a small one I'm working on now. Its actually rather abstract at this point but I'll see how it evolves. Check in tomorrow and I'll have some pics for you.

Tonight I'm teaching a PMC class. I love working with has such possibilities within my work.

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