Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tea Time

I'm NOT a fan of the winter. Its cold, grey and did I say COLD?! I'm not even sure I liked the winter when I was a kid....although most do. Yes, I sled, ski and skate and yes, I have fun when I'm doing those things...I do try to embrace the season...But, by nature, I just don't care for winter.

What I do like about winter is the time spent inside doing all those things you feel guilty doing when its bright and sunny watching, knitting (I dont' knit is the summer), cooking, cleaning, lounging around in PJ's, etc.... Among my favorite winter things is tea drinking....(I do so all year around but in the winter it seems to taste best).

One of my favs is Tea Posey tea. I actually went to Graphic art school with the creators husband....Yes, I was a graphic artist before an art teacher, and before that I was a dental assistant, bartender, cosmetic consultant, cosmetic representative (I traveled and rep'ed a cosmetic company, retail manager......funny where lifes road takes you. Okay, so back to tea, Tea Posey caught my eye in Parkleigh one day...I had no idea what I was looking at but I thought it was cool. Then I found out it was tea and THEN I found out a long ago friend was its creator!!! How cool. So, being a supporter of cool things and friends, I became addicted.

It starts out as a little pod, and then once submerged in boiling water and allowed to steep it BLOOMS into a wonderful tea blossom

...making fantastic tea. Try some...they also make great gifts...Ummmmm, along with beads too....I'm suppose to mention beads too ;)

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