Friday, February 1, 2008

Yarn Tasting

I just got home from a Yarn Tasting event at Spirit Works. Wow, what a crowd. There was a mob of people, plenty of sweet desserts and yummy yarn in amazing colors. Of course I bought stuff. How could I not being the color mavin that I am. Frankly, I have plenty of yarn....So much that I have to use it as decoration in my house! So whats a few more balls of color? I'll make something, I just don't know what just yet.

Pam said that all my shawl pins are gone so tomorrow I'll be making some more. I should have an order to her in a week...I have to prepare for Parkleigh so first things first. Along with making things tomorrow I will be at Spirit Works to work on my bustier that I started last year!!! Remember, I was going to wear it to my Parkleigh event last year but never finished.....actually, I hardly got started. I think I only have two, maybe three, inches done. Thankfully its only 11 inches total.

I won't promise but I think I'll be taking some pictures of some things tomorrow! We will see.....Maybe if I do it first thing it might actually happen.

The kilns full, my feet are cold, so I'm off to read my book club book...The Glass Castle. Anyone reading it too?? Its GREAT. I wish I had more time to just read.

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